Hello world!

Hello, this is me. Not really decided what to do with this blog yet. Maybe something about minimizing/downsizing/simplifying life and stuff. Maybe something related to motorcycles and motorcycle camping. Who knows, maybe both!


About /bob

job=computer tech. DIY handyman on anything-computer, electrical-electronic, plumbing, woodworking (construction/cabinetmaker), automotive/motorcycles, landscaping.
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2 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Tony W says:

    Do both. Just get started. Sport, Cruiser, Touring or Adventure bikes?

    • /bob says:

      That would be Touring mostly. I have the new Honda CTX1300 that is a cross over between pure touring, bagger/cruising bike styles. Right now mostly just replying/commenting on other blogs on this bike plus also small house/tiny house and downsizing/minimalist living blogs.

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